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Who can rent the clubhouse?  Residents in good standing (current on all present year and past assessments and/or late fees). Residents must pay with check or money order with Meadowood address included, and be present for the duration of the rental/event.


How much does it cost to rent the clubhouse?  $125 rental fee, plus a $250 refundable security deposit upon a successful post-party room inspection by the Clubhouse Manager or other Meadowood official. $375 is the total due up front, unless the rental is during pool season and will go beyond 8 p.m.


How do I pay?  Check or money order made payable to Meadowood Homeowners Association. Cash is not accepted.


How do I rent the clubhouse?  Check the website party room calendar HERE for availability. Call or text Shelly Snell, Clubhouse Manager, at 440-669-3550, to confirm room availability. Complete the application and contract, available for downloading and printing HERE. If you are able to use online Adobe (PDF) forms, you can complete the form online, save and attach the two PDF files in an email it to Shelly at If you email the paperwork, you must then arrange to mail or deliver the rental fees and deposit to Shelly. Once your check or money order is deposited and cleared you will receive a confirmation of the rental day and time.


What are the hours I can rent the clubhouse during the season when the pool is open? When the pool is open for the season (Saturday before Memorial Day until Labor Day), the Clubhouse can be rented from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., without an additional charge. If you rent the Clubhouse past 8 p.m., there is an additional $22.50 per hour lifeguard fee that is in addition to the rental fee and must be paid in advance through your check or money order.


What are the hours I can rent the clubhouse when the pool is not open for the season? If you are renting the clubhouse when the pool is closed for the season (mid-September through mid-May), the clubhouse can be rented from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., without any additional fees. Please note that there are City ordinances for loud noise and we ask renters to be considerate of neighbors living adjacent to the Clubhouse, especially after 8 p.m. 


Can I rent the pool for a pool party?  No. We do not allow private pool parties. Your party attendees may use the pool ONLY IF they are first registered at the front desk as pool guests. These guests are counted toward your annual pool guest allowance of 40 per household, per season. Therefore, pool guest registration is dependent upon your current guest pass balance. This balance will be checked by the front desk attendant. If you have exceeded 40 guests, you must pay $7.00 per guest up front and only in cash.


Can I use the volleyball area, pavilion, grass area or just hang out on the deck of the pool?  No. You cannot take your party out of the clubhouse onto the pool deck, pavilion, volleyball area or grass area unless you are willing to register each person as a “swimmer” at the front desk, where they will be added to your annual guest allowance of 40 per household.


Can I have alcohol at the party?  Yes, but all alcohol must remain IN THE CLUBHOUSE AT ALL TIMES. Glass containers are prohibited in all pool areas. Open containers (“red solo” cups, party cups, etc.) carried between the Clubhouse and the pool deck will be considered as alcoholic drinks. You will be asked to leave drinks in the Clubhouse. Any party room attendees in the pool area that are observed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave. Please use common sense and do not attempt to swim under the influence of alcohol.


What does the rental include?  Resident-renters have access to a common supply of tables and chairs. If you wish, call for specifics on table numbers before your event to confirm supply. The room has a full kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, double sink, and refrigerator/freezer. Please note: there is no garbage disposal installed.


How many people does it hold? The clubhouse can hold up to 150 people.


Is there WiFi? Yes, but it is semi-public. Pool patrons have access to the WiFi as well.  There is no technology staff on the premises and the lifeguards are not authorized to make any technology modifications. The password can be found on the wall in the Clubhouse lobby.


Are there bathrooms?  Yes and they are able to accommodate handicapped attendees.


After the party what do I need to do? 

  1. To minimize wear-and-tear, we ask that renters leave the tables up, but put away all chairs.

  2. Take any garbage to the outside receptacle located on the west side of the building.

  3. Clear out all food from the refrigerator and wash/clean items used in the kitchen.

  4. Sweep floor of excess debris. Mopping is not necessary unless excess food or water is present on the floors. 

  5. Remove ALL decorations and personal items. Please leave the room the way you found it and do not assume that the next renter group will want your leftover food, dishes, party supplies, vases, decorations, balloons, etc. Your security deposit will be withheld if excess items are left in the room for management to discard.


RETURN THE KEY to the Clubhouse Manager. Please remember that other renters will need the key after you.


Please be respectful of your neighbors.


Use the buttons below to access the rental application and contract.  Get the completed documents to Shelly at your choice:  email at, USPS mail, or, drop off in an envelope at 9566 Pebble Brook Lane.  Your application and contract will become a confirmed reservation only when payment of $375 plus any after-hours lifeguard fees are received and verified. 


All reservations are first-come, first-served and based on the completion of the application, contract and cleared fees.