Who can rent the clubhouse?  Any Meadowood Resident in good standing. This means the resident is current on all present year and past assessments and/or late fees.  VERY IMPORTANT: RESIDENTS RENTING THE PARTY ROOM MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE FUNCTION OR EVENT FOR WHICH THEY ARE RENTING!  Rentals to outside groups puts the party room at much greater risk of being abused and damaged.  It is expected that residents renting the party room will treat it with great care and respect. It belongs to every resident-owner of our 847-home community.


How much does it cost to rent the clubhouse?  $375, which includes your security deposit. There may be an additional fee if you rent the clubhouse when the pool is open for the season. If it is discovered by Shelly Snell, Clubhouse Manager, or one of the Meadowood trustees that the resident was not present during the event, the security deposit of $250 will be forfeited.  If the Clubhouse is clean (please see rental contract for more details), the resident-renter was properly in attendance, facility key is returned on time, and there are no damages, the deposit of $250 will be mailed to the Meadowood address. (Net cost of the Clubhouse rental would then be $125.)


How do I pay?  Check or money order made payable to Meadowood Homeowners Association. Cash is not accepted.


How do I rent the clubhouse?  Call or email Clubhouse Manager, Shelly Snell, 440-669-3550, to see if there is availability on the calendar. Then, complete the application and contract, available for downloading and printing HERE. Print, complete and attach your check or money order. Submit the paperwork and check to Shelly Snell at 9566 Pebble Brook Ln. Once your check or money order is deposited and cleared you will receive a confirmation of the rental day and time.


What are the hours I can rent the clubhouse during the season when the pool is open? When the pool is open for the season (Saturday before Memorial Day until Labor Day), the Clubhouse can be rented from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., without an additional charge. If you rent the Clubhouse past 8 p.m., there is an additional $20 per hour fee for a lifeguard to stand watch and make sure no one goes in the pool. The lifeguard fee must be added to your rental fee and paid in advance through your check or money order.


What are the hours I can rent the clubhouse when the pool is not open for the season? If you are renting the clubhouse when the pool is closed for the season (mid-September through mid-May), the clubhouse can be rented from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., without any additional fees.  Remember there are residents who live near the clubhouse so reasonable hours and behavior should always be applied.


Can I rent the pool for a pool party?  No. We do not allow private pool parties. Your party attendees may use the pool ONLY IF they are first registered with the on-duty lifeguards as guests. These guests are counted toward your annual pool guest allowance (40 total per season). Therefore, pool guest registration is dependent upon your current guest pass balance. This balance will be checked by the on-duty lifeguards. If you have exceeded 40 guests, you must pay $7.00 per guest up front and only in cash.


Can I use the volleyball area, pavilion, grass area or just hang out on the deck of the pool?  No. You cannot take your party out of the clubhouse onto the pool deck, pavilion, volleyball area or grass area unless you are willing to register each person as a “swimmer” with the lifeguards and use them as your guests from your annual guest allowance.


Can I have alcohol at the party?  Yes, but all alcohol must remain IN THE CLUBHOUSE AT ALL TIMES. Glass containers are prohibited in all pool areas. Open containers (“red solo” cups, party cups, etc.) carried between the Clubhouse and the pool deck will be considered as alcoholic drinks. You will be asked to leave drinks in the Clubhouse. Any party room attendees in the pool area that are observed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave. Please use common sense and do not attempt to swim under the influence of alcohol.


What facilities are available?  There are tables, chairs, full kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, sink and serving counter area as well as air conditioning.


How many people does it hold? The clubhouse can hold up to 150 people.


Is there wifi? Yes, but it is limited. Be advised, there is Wi-Fi to the Clubhouse, but there is no guarantee it will be 100% reliable during your event.  There is no technology staff on the premises and the lifeguards are not authorized to make any technology modifications. The Wi-Fi is shared with the swimmers in the pool area, so speed and reliability may be an issue. See the lifeguard on duty to obtain the password, or ask Shelly Snell when pool is not open.


Are there bathrooms?  Yes and they are able to accommodate handicapped attendees.


After the party what do I need to do?  Put away all tables and chairs, take any garbage to the outside receptacle located on the west side of the building, clear out all food from the refrigerator, take down any decorations, wash/clean items that were used from the kitchen, clean out the sink and sweep up the floor. RETURN THE KEY to the Clubhouse Manager. Please remember that another party may be using the facility the next day. Please be respectful of your neighbors. BACK TO TOP

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