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Thanks to some fantastic renovations in January 2024, Meadowood's party room is a great space for residents to host private parties and also to gather as a community for scheduled social events! See up-to-date social event notices HERE and check out the party room FAQ, party room packet which includes the application and contract, and calendar availability. All party room rentals must be approved by and booked through the Clubhouse Manager.

Party Room Rental FAQ


Who can rent the party room?  Meadowood residents in good standing can rent the room and are expected to be present for the duration of the rental event. Resident-renters are fully responsible for their guests during the rental period.

What are the hours for the rental including setup and take down? 10am – 11pm. During pool season, an additional, per-hour lifeguard charge of $22.50 is applicable for rentals after 8pm through 11pm.

How much does it cost to rent the clubhouse and how do I pay?  $125 rental fee + $250 refundable security deposit = $375 total payable to The Meadowood Association. PLEASE NOTE: There is a lifeguard add-on fee of $22.50/per hour for rentals during pool season that extend beyond 8pm through the end time of 11pm. Check or money order must be deposited and cleared at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Upon a successful post-party room inspection by the Clubhouse Manager or other Meadowood official, the security deposit will be returned to the resident via U.S. Mail (may take up to 21 days after the event).

How many people does it hold? Room capacity not to exceed 150 people.

What does the rental include?  Approximately 15 round tables (each is 60 inches in diameter and holds 7-8 chairs), six 6-foot rectangular tables, six 8-foot rectangular tables and folding chairs. The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave, sink, and refrigerator with freezer. A roll of paper towels, two sets of clean trash bags, hand soap, dish soap, cleaning supplies, push broom, and dust pan are available. Small and large coffee makers are available, but residents must bring in coffee supplies. Note that there is no garbage disposal or dishwasher. All food, drinks, utensils, and dishes brought to the room must be removed after the rental.

Do I have to set up the room? Yes, resident-renters and their guests can access tables and chairs from the storage room and must put them away neatly at the end of the rental period.

Are there restrooms?  Yes, men's and women's restrooms are in the clubhouse lobby, and each has one handicapped accessible stall. There is no family restroom.

How do I rent the clubhouse?  Rentals are for residents in good standing. Check the website party room calendar for open dates and/or call or text Shelly Snell, Clubhouse Manager, at 440-669-3550, to confirm room availability. Complete and return pages 1, 2 and 7 of the Party Room Packet. Read the contract carefully.


​​Can I decorate the clubhouse?  Yes and No. Decorations are strictly limited to the tables and/or stand-alone items provided by the resident like photo stands and/or easels. Nothing is to be attached to the clubhouse walls, ceiling, counters, molding, windows, wainscoting, room closets, wall-mounted television, or entry doors. The use of 3M adhesives, tape, glue, pins, and tacks are prohibited on the room’s surfaces. No loose glitter, water balloons, or washable window spray paint is allowed. Please, nothing is to be taped to the marble counter tops.


​Can I "rent" the pool for my private party?  No, but your guests can swim and sunbathe if the pool is open during your rental period. The pool, grass areas, outdoor tables, chaise lounges, chairs, tennis courts, playground, and/or pavilion area cannot be reserved or monopolized by your event. Party items such as tables, chairs, food, and alcoholic drinks must remain in the party room at all times. Animals are not permitted in the clubhouse facility. The pool area closes to all patrons, including your party room guests, promptly at 8pm during the pool season. If your party continues after 8pm during pool season, extra fees are applicable. Please see the Party Room Packet PDF.

​Can I have alcohol at the party?  Yes, but all alcohol must remain in the party room. Resident-renters are responsible for all alcohol use by their guests. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited outside the party room and never tolerated in the pool area. Please note: Meadowood is strictly a non-smoking and non-vaping facility and campus. Resident-renters and their guests who consume alcohol should not attempt to use the pool.

Is there WiFi? Yes. It is public and unsecured. There is no technology staff on the premises and the lifeguards are not authorized to make any technology modifications. Use of personal Hotspots are recommended.

Does the facility have a TV? Yes. A wall-mounted, smart TV is available for use during the rental period, but TV apps must be accessed through the resident-renter's and/or guests' credentials. Please log out of any apps when your rental is over to avoid possible unauthorized use of your subscriptions.

Does the facility have a projector, screen, speakers, or laptop for use?  No, resident-renters must bring in and remove any equipment. Please use care that outside equipment does not damage the room in any way.

What do I do at the end of the rental period?  There is a specific list of tasks in your signed contract that must be completed in order for the security deposit to be returned and keep you eligible for future rentals. Please consult the Party Room Packet PDF for details.

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