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* Concerns for safety:  Please do not park "over" the sidewalk. Let your guests know also. This is a City ordinanace and keeps our sidewalks free for children and walkers.

* Meadow Trail bylaws do not allow political signs and contractor signs anywhere.

* If you have grass planted, please remember to water.  Even if it rains, areas under trees or bushes may not get enough water.

* Message boards by mail boxes are for Meadow Trail official business only.

*  Driveways are plowed if snow exceeds 2".  If there is a car parked in a driveway, that driveway will NOT be plowed because of concerns about damaging the car.

Meadow Trail Association

Special Meeting Minutes

October 23,, 2019


Special Meeting  -  October 23, 2019

Meadowood Clubhouse


Board Members Present:  K. Ditto, A. Planck, O. White, B. Perkins-White, M. Ginley,

D. Doeberling, B. Kerbusch 


Excused:  B. DeFord, J. DeFord,


Guests:  Nicholas J. Meinert, Esq. from Kamen and Cusimano


New residents present: Lenny and Mary Lou Immormino


Call to Order  7:15p.m.                                                                                       O. White

            Welcome and Introductions


Minutes and Correspondence                                                               B. Perkins-White

            Minutes from the April, 2019 Semi-Annual meeting

                        Approved by the board at the May meeting       

            Handbook of rules and regulations


President’s Report                                                                                                  O. White

            Declared  that a quorum necessary to vote on amendments and directors has been obtained

            Vote on Proposed amendments

            Election of Directors


N. Meinert talked about amendments and answered questions  

D Savange moved, Korndike second to close nominations from the floor. Passed

D. Owens and T. Gryniewicki to serve as election counters

All nominees given 60 seconds to introduce themselves 


Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                A. Planck

            All the bills have been paid and we are up to date with dues.

            Budget for 2020 will be discussed at November 21stmeeting 


Social Committee                                                                                           D. Doeberling

            Christmas Party at Donna’ s house

            Thank you to Carol Falk for helping with pot lucks and social events


Architecture                                                                                                       B. Kerbusch

            Survey of sidewalks and parking areas.

            Has one quote of $24,000 to take care of sidewalks that are the HOA’s 



Landscaping                                                            O. Whte on behalf of B. and J. DeFord

            Total of ten bids received.  Contract awarded to Southwest for two years the same price as before.  



Snow Removal                                                                               M. Ginley

            Same snow removable contractor as last year for same price


Election results

            3 year term - Bill Kerbusch

            2 year term - Justin Molina

            1 year term – Marty Ginley


Web site no report


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Next Annual Meeting                    April 22, 2020, 7:00 PM

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