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Reservations 2020 Season

Note: Weekday hours have changed!

Please read the Special Notices link




  3. Click the link, “Click for Info” to read the description or click "Book Now" to choose time.

  4. Hit the “Next” button and the “Add Your Info” will show up.

  5. Fill out each field in the form (All are required).

  6. If you have guests, a maximum of two are allowed per day. Guests names must be recorded on the form and guests must sign a waiver for each and every visit.

  7. 10 Sunbathing-only reservations are available each session. These reservations are for those who want to exclusively enjoy the sunshine and poolside experience without swimming in a pool section. Sunbathers may get in the pool access lane quickly to cool off, but should otherwise remain in their deck/grass area space.

  8. Submit the form and a Confirmation Page will show up.

  9. Reservations for the next day begin at 1pm on Sunday through Thursday, and 11am on Friday and Saturday.

  10. Reservations for the same day will close at 10:30am. You must call after 11am to find out about same-day pool availability.

  11. One reservation per household, per day. The exception is that households can book a pool section and a lap lane in the same day.

  12. Cancellations: Please cancel at least 20 minutes prior to your reservations time slot by calling 440-572-0077 so your reservation can be assigned to another household. You can reschedule at that time, if desired.

  13. No-shows: A reservation may be given to another household if no cancellation notice is received after 20 minutes into the reservation session of the no-show.


PHONE METHOD: Call 440-572-0077 during open pool hours, which now are 1pm-7pm on weekdays, 11am-8pm on weekends. Pool staff will do its best to answer calls, but please be patient and leave a message, if necessary. The staff is not a "call center" and has additional pool facility tasks, so answering the phone is not always possible. Every attempt will be made to call you back. Online reservations will be the fastest method for all.


  • Reservations are not carried over to the next day if the pool closes for inclement weather, mechanical problem, or other issue.

  • Bring pool chairs as none will be provided.

  • Pool noodles are recommended for non-shallow sections. 

  • Masks are required in the facility and on the deck areas, with the exception of your pool deck or grass space.

  • Masks are not required in the water.

  • Consecutive and/or future reservations beyond the next day are not available at this time.

  • Pool policies are subject to change as updates about COVID-19 outbreak become available.

Thank you so much for your patience and please let us know if we can help you in any way!

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