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POOL UPDATE (updated August 10, 2020)

"Sunbathing Only" bookings now being accepted

during each reservation time period.

When booking online or calling the pool, residents can opt to reserve one of 10 “Sunbathing Only” reservation slots.  This will allow residents who want to enjoy the poolside and tanning experience without having a reserved section of the pool for that time period.


Sunbathing-only reservations will be allowed brief access to the pool via the access lane off one of the pool ladders to cool off and go back to sunbathing during the reservation time period. Please note that sunbathers may not put pool chairs or towels by the pool's edge or gutters. Sunbathers also must not sit or hang out on the pool sides or ladders for extended periods of time and will be asked by the lifeguards to keep the area clear. All sides of the pool must remain clear for those walking around the pool deck. 


All current pool operations for the 2020 season will remain in effect. Click on “Pool Reservations” and read “Reservation Instructions” on this site for details. All resident households are allowed one reservation section per day, and, if desired, two guests per day.  Residents should continue to book only one pool section (Sections 1-9) per day. Residents booking multiple times per day will have all reservations cancelled by the pool staff. If you feel you've double-booked by accident, please call the pool asap at 440-572-0077.

If you have any questions, you can always call the pool from 11am - 8pm at 440-572-0077. Leave a message, if necessary. The front desk will return calls from callers that have left a clear name and phone number.


NOTE FOR RESIDENTS BRINGING GUESTS: If you are practicing social distancing with your guests, you must determine how you and your guests will use your reserved section of the pool. For example, will you share your section with your guests or will you take turns in your section with your guests.


Please do your part. Meadowood residents should take this guest allowance very seriously and practice the current requirements/guidelines provided by the State of Ohio for social distancing with others outside of the household. Wear masks, social distance and consider whether or not you should be in close proximity with people outside of your home! Our suggestion is that you do not bring guests to the pool if you are not comfortable with those guests also using and/or sharing your reserved pool section. Residents should use good judgment in how they will use their reserved pool sections or lap lanes.

Two guests only per household per day.

Guests must be present with the resident homeowner at time of reservation check-in. 

One waiver per guest per day required.  Guests under 18 should have parent sign. 

Guest forms are available at pool and also under the "Pool Reservations" booking page (click button "Guest Waiver Form").

Residents must remain at pool with their guests for the duration of the reservation.

Larger resident households/families bringing guests, please note:  Cannot exceed 10 persons in the group on the deck or in the pool.

Important Reminders:

1. Anyone age 10 and over must wear a mask in our facility. This includes: walking in and out of the facility, walking on the deck/green space, and when using the restrooms. Masks are required in the open spaces only if you are not at least six feet from others outside of your household.


2. The front desk attendant is required to ask questions regarding COVID-19 exposure upon each and every visit (even if nothing has changed for you or your household).  Please be patient, wait to answer each question, and remain serious with your responses. The front desk has been instructed to be very serious about this portion of your visit.  Note: All pool staff are required to take on-site, daily temperature checks and answer a series of Covid-related questions for employees, so be assured that they are being screened for the safety of all residents. 


3. The pool facility is intentionally set up for one-way entrance and exit points, and social distancing. When exiting the facility, you must exit through the gate next to the baby pool. Please do not approach the front desk to ask about last-minute reservations. Use your phone and call 440-572-0077 to speak to front desk attendant, or go online to book a future appointment.


4. Reservations are limited to one reservation per household per day. You may call the pool later in the day to see if there are any last-minute openings and if so, additional reservations may be made for that day. 


5. We would like to keep the perimeter around the pool clear of patron belongings. Please use the designated blue circles on the pool deck and spread out in the green spaces. Do not attempt to gather on deck or grass spaces with more than 10 people in a group!  Clustering of residents and guests will not be allowed and all will be asked to spread out.


6. Noodles are strongly recommended for use in the 5.5 feet - 12 feet sections. 


7. Pool chairs are not available this season due to cleaning and sanitizing requirements. Households must bring own chairs. 


8. Please call the pool at 440-572-0077 if you must cancel your reservation. You may leave a message if the front desk attendant is not available. This allows your space to be used for last-minute bookings.  If you are more than 20 minutes late for your reservation, your section or lap lane will be given to another resident. If you are running late and want to keep your section or lap lane reservation, please call 440-572-0077 to let the front desk attendant know!

9. Meadowood Pool staff reserves the right to restrict pool access to any residents or guests that refuse to comply with the 2020 season guidelines.


For any additional questions or inquiries, please consult our website, front desk attendant, pool manager or pool trustee. 


COVID-19 2020 SEASON (posted July 3, 2020)


There will be a number of modifications and new procedures this season due to COVID-19 guidelines as directed by the CDC and the Ohio Dept. of Health.


Residents should be aware of COVID-19 symptoms and must not enter the pool facility if:

  1. You have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches, headache, lost of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea).

  2. You have tested positive for COVID-19.

  3. You have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Pool operations:

  • Pool open Monday - Sunday with four reservation sessions per day

  • Reservation sessions are in 1 hr 45 min increments

  • Family groups must leave facility at the end of a reservation session:

  1. 11am - 12:45pm

  2. 1pm - 2:45pm

  3. 4pm - 5:45pm

  4. 6pm - 7:45pm (pool closes)

  • Pool is closed 3pm - 4pm each day for cleaning/sanitizing and there is no pool access during this time.



  • Please, no "walk-ins" at the pool. Make a reservation online or via phone (iPhone or smart phone) to help with social distancing of residents.

  • One reservation per household, per day. The pool staff will cancel secondary and tertiary reservations. The exception to this is one pool section reservation and one lap lane reservation per day. We realize some folks may want to swim laps in addition to being at pool with family.

  • The staff has been instructed not to accept next day reservation requests at the front desk when checking in. Feel free to book online or call to reserve for the next day from your spot on the deck! 

  • Online reservations at are preferred as residents can easily choose the section of pool, lap lane or baby pool for a specific reservation session.

  • Phone reservations during pool hours ONLY at 440-572-0077.

  • Reservations open one day in advance.

  • Meadowood staff will monitor reservations so that all residents have reasonable and fair access to the pool. 

  • Late arrivals: Please call the pool when possible at 440-572-0077 so the staff knows to hold your spot. The pool staff reserves the right to assume you are a "no-show" if you are 20 minutes late or more and you do not call to let the staff know your late arrival plans. The pool staff will make an attempt to call you at the phone number provided on your reservation, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Cancellations: Please call at least 20 minutes prior to your reservation time slot at 440-572-0077 or cancel online so your section can be offered to another resident.

  • Pool closures: If pool closes due to inclement weather, power failure, or mechanical issues, your reservation will not be rescheduled. Booking of reservations online or by phone will resume the next day or as soon as possible.

  • Sunbathing-only is now permitted and can be found as a booking choice.

  • Two guests per resident household per day.

Pool sections:

  • The main pool has been divided into nine equal sections, one per household (six shallow end sections and three deep end sections). There are two lap lanes for continuous lap swim or exercising/aerobics.  The lap lanes can be reserved in 45-minute increments. One household can reserve a lap lane for lap swimming.  Or, a household can reserve one-half of a lap lane for walking/pool aerobic exercise. If this happens, the other end of that lap lane can be reserved by a second household for walking and aerobic exercise only.

  • The wading "baby" pool can accommodate two resident families at a time, but please social distance!


Please be aware:

  • Residents must reside full-time in the household. Verification of full-time residents is required.

  • The photo ID check in system will be in effect for each visit and there are no physical pool passes issued.

  • Residents MUST WEAR MASKS when entering and exiting the facility, in the restrooms, and walking anywhere on the deck EXCEPT when walking to enter or exit the water.

  • Residents will be asked basic COVID-19-related questions upon each check-in. We ask for your cooperation and courtesy in answering these questions clearly and truthfully.

  • All swimmers, including adults, must exit the pool at the 45-minute mark of each hour. This is to give the three on-duty lifeguards a required break.

  • Residents under age 12 must be accompanied by someone in their household age 16 or older.

  • Residents in a household must stay physically distanced from other households on the deck (six feet or more). 

  • Residents of one household must stay in their reserved section of the pool. Pool diagrams and instructions will be provided and there is no sharing of pool sections by more than one household.

  • There is no diving board for use this season. The diving well and deep end is sectioned off for family/household reservations.

  • Pool noodles and flotation devices (no large rafts) are highly recommended for use in deep water.  Families with small children that cannot swim or tread water should not reserve the deep end sections.

  • No seated or chaise lounge chairs will be provided. Residents must bring own chairs.

  • Drinking fountain will not be accessible and ice cream will not be sold. Bring own coolers, water, soft drinks and food. No alcohol is allowed and glass bottles are absolutely prohibited.

  • For the safety of all residents, items such as clothing, towels, toys, water bottles, etc., left at the pool will be discarded at the end of each day. Please be responsible for your belongings.

A COVID-19 positive test result or contact with someone who has COVID-19 by any Meadowood resident who has attended the pool should be immediately reported to any of the Meadowood Trustees. It will be communicated to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and pool operations will be modified and/or closed as per their guidelines.

These pool operations are subject to change at any time.  If it becomes too hazardous for pool operations to continue during the coronavirus pandemic, the pool will close, even on short notice.

CLOSED - Meadowood Playground

Will remain closed for 2020 season.

Due to rigorous CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing all playground equipment, it will be impossible

for the Meadowood Association to open the playground while the COVID-19 restrictions are in effect.

CLOSED - Meadowood Clubhouse Party Room Rentals and Meetings

Closed until further notice. Groups of more than10 cannot gather as per the state's restrictions.

OPEN - Meadowood Tennis Courts

Open as of June 18, 2020


Please see Tennis Courts link on this site for more information!


The Meadowood Homeowners' Association

Annual Meeting

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 @ 7pm

Notice will be sent via USPS Mail


The Meadowmoor Swim Team (part of the Strongsville Swim League or SSL), has

cancelled its 2020 summer swim season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The swim team's board of directors is very sorry to share this news,

but the safety of the swimmers was the primary concern in this decision.




All Ohio COVID-19 Updates:


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