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POOL UPDATE (revised May 26, 2020)

The Meadowood Association Board of Trustees recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic, re-opening of our state’s recreation and pools, COVID-19 insurance coverage, and favorable legislation to assist homeowners’ associations like Meadowood, are very dynamic topics.  We would like to take this opportunity to provide additional clarification and explanation to residents in effort to hopefully resolve much misinformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is the pool currently closed?


It is a matter of risk of financial exposure for the 847-homes in the community. Meadowood has insurance coverage for regular claims. However, for any possible COVID-19-related claims, Meadowood’s insurance does not provide coverage. No insurance carrier will cover COVID-19-related claims at present.  It is not just a matter of finding “better” insurance coverage. Without insurance coverage for possible COVID-19 claims, any lawsuits against Meadowood could have a significant financial impact on homeowners as there is unlimited liability.  Upon direct advice from legal counsel to minimize potentially catastrophic risks, and to continue to fulfill its obligation to its residents, the Trustees are keeping the pool closed at this time.

Why can’t we just have residents sign waivers and post warning signs at the pool facility?

Under advice given by the Meadowood legal counsel and other attorneys consulted for this, it has been advised that waivers are able to be contested in Ohio and would not afford much protection in any action brought against the Association.  Also, although the posting of signs would take place throughout our pool facility, they offer little protective value in a legal action.

Aren’t the chances of someone winning a lawsuit over a COVID-19 related claim against Meadowood minimal?

It depends. The answer requires a very highly fact-specific analysis.  And since there are no appellate decisions on this specific issue, it remains to be seen as this terrible pandemic progresses and lawsuits begin to take place.  But the terrible fact is that we would be responsible to defend against any legal action brought against us, which could be very expensive especially when having to prepare for and complete a court trial.  This would cost our association tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees which would not currently be covered by our insurance.  In addition, if a judgment is entered against us, we have been advised the resulting damages could be catastrophic.  The burden for covering the cost of defense and a potential judgment would have to be shared by each of us individually, most likely in the form of special assessments.


What is being done now to help the situation?

Once again, the Trustees realize this is a very fluid situation. We are and will continue to communicate frequently with outside state and local authorities, experts, and advisors to stay informed on all COVID-19 matters regarding pools. This includes getting updates from state pool authorities, speaking daily with various other HOAs of Strongsville and surrounding cities, and maintaining an open dialog with multiple insurance and legal experts.

Is there a plan to open the pool if the liability issue is resolved?

If the State of Ohio passes legislation that gives HOAs better protections against COVID-related claims, the pool can open. The Trustees have already developed a detailed plan to open the pool that is in line with the requirements and recommendations of both the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. Residents should be aware that this pool plan would be strictly enforced and changes in the pool’s basic operations are imminent.

A partial list of the pool’s operational changes: Residents only, no guests, reduced capacity in pool and on deck, strict social distancing rules and groups must have 10 people or less, residents must bring own chairs (none will be provided), facility and pool reservations, 15-minute breaks per hour where all swimmers must exit the pool, regular cleaning and sanitizing schedules for restrooms and pool ladders, no showers in locker rooms, no access to any other clubhouse areas, zero tolerance for objections or interference with lifeguards on duty, and zero tolerance for anyone not following the pool's rules.  Copies of our plan will be available and given to residents.  Signage will be posted with rules and directions for facility use.  The intention is to provide the safest environment for our residents.  It cannot be stressed enough that there will be no guests permitted and all residents must be living full-time in the household. 

Will a credit or refund be issued if the pool doesn't open?

Yes if the pool does not open to residents at all in the 2020 season. The Trustees will work with Treasurer, Carleen Sundvall, to determine an appropriate and fair partial credit amount as it has not yet been determined. A credit amount would be applied to the 2021 annual assessment.  There will still be pool expenses throughout the summer even if the pool does not open.

Why is there still work being done on the pool if it is closed?

At the minimum, the pool must be filled, water chemically-treated, pool pumps and filters used to circulate the water, pools regularly vacuumed and scrubbed, and deck areas cleaned of debris. This is to prevent the pool from causing a public health hazard. It also ensures that the pool equipment will be fully operational whether the pool opens later this summer and/or on time next year.  The Trustees and Pool Committee are firmly dedicated to keeping our Meadowood Pool the most attractive outdoor pool in Strongsville.

Meadowood Clubhouse Party Room Rentals and Meetings

Closed until further notice. Groups of more than10 cannot gather as per the state's restrictions.

Meadowood Tennis Courts

Closed until further notice, but please check back soon.

Meadowood Playground

Closed until further notice.


The Meadowmoor Swim Team (part of the Strongsville Swim League or SSL), has

cancelled its 2020 summer swim season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The swim team's board of directors is very sorry to share this news,

but the safety of the swimmers was the primary concern in this decision.


The Meadowood Homeowners' Association

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 @ 7pm

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Curb side trash collection returns to normal Monday, May 4th


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